Emergency Vets

Making sure your dog receives the best possible care day AND night!

vets-nowSometimes unexpected events can happen when our usual vet practice is closed.  If there is an emergency I will contact Vets Now, our local ‘out of hours’ vets, to ensure your dog has access to the best possible care, whatever the time of day or night.  They provide the equivalent of an A&E or NHS Direct service for your pet.  If you go to their website you can download useful Pet First Aid information that you can download and keep.

Vets Now are highly experienced in dealing with sick pets and emergencies and they are always available or on the end of the phone to give free advice and guidance, or to see your pet if required.  The vets and nurses at Vets Now are fresh and ready to see and care for your pet, even at 2 am (they sleep during the day).  They also provide plenty of cuddles, just like us!

The emergency telephone number is 01908 509 500.  For further information please visit Emergency out of hours vets for cats, dogs and all other small pets | Vets Now Emergency Care.