Dog Boarding

Home boarding

a thoroughly pampered pooch!

If your dog enjoys home comforts and gets on with other dogs and people, Boardwalk Dogs is the right choice.   Your dog(s) can live with the family for as long as you want – from one night to a month!  This service is ideal if you are on holiday and want your dog to be thoroughly pampered while you’re away, as your dog will enjoy long walks and plenty of fuss.

Your dog’s diet and daily routine will be maintained throughout your dog’s stay.  I am not a dog sitter – my aim is to fully integrate your dog into the life of our family during their stay.

Reasons to home board with us:

Peace and quiet

Strangely for an animal that can make quite a lot of noise, dogs really appreciate some peace and quiet which is something they are not going to get with kennels.  We understand the need for ‘doggy me-time’ where they can just relax without any unwanted distractions.

Creatures of habit

Dogs love routine, it helps them cope with the human world.  Unlike kennels, we make sure your dog keeps up with their usual mealtimes, walks, grooming necessities and training regimes – so your pet is settled with us quickly.

A social animal

As a pack animal, dogs are used to socialising either with other dogs or their owner’s family and friends.  Imagine how happy they will feel with us when they become part of our family and enjoy all the attention of their new pack!

Letting off steam

Dogs hate being cooped up on their own for any length of time with nothing to do.  Regular walks and some play is the way your dog releases all that pent up energy, all of which they can enjoy with staying with us.

Staying healthy

Your dog is far less likely to be exposed to the risk of disease and parasites with us, mainly as there are my dogs around.  We can also ensure that your pet receives any medication at the right time.

Keeping in touch

You will miss your pet and I will give you regular updates on how they are doing, what they are doing, what they are up to and even, with the wonders of modern technology, send you photos of them enjoying their new surroundings and friends.

Peace of mind

There is a very good reason that you have considered leaving your pet, a holiday or hospital visit perhaps.  Because you know that your dog will be well looked after, you can rest easy and look forward to being re-united with a pet that is healthy, happy and over-joyed to see you.

Is your dog suitable for home boarding?

Boardwalk is suitable for dogs who are friendly, well socialised and enjoy living as part of a family.  We love looking after puppies and enjoy puppy cuddles, we just ask that they’re fully house trained!  We can only board dogs that meet the following criteria:

  • House trained
  • Up to date with vaccinations, especially kennel cough
  • Up to date with flea and worming treatment (Advocate or Frontline)
  • Friendly and sociable with people and other dogs
  • Neutered (excludes puppies)
  • Not ‘in season’

What you will need to provide

You’ll need to bring your dog’s food and bed, and some familiar toys to make your dog’s stay as comfortable as possible.  You’ll need to bring your dog’s vaccination record and signed Terms and Conditions.